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I’m Lara,  I am the founder of Rowan and Plum. We are a multi-generational family run business. Everything in our store is either curated or created by us.  We love all whimsical home decor, art prints and much more.  We are extremely proud of our newly added wood work we have made for you to show off your unique style


Our name,  “Rowan & Plum” was inspired by the trees of our children’s birth months. They are who inspired me to create products that represent art,  love, family and happiness.

We are very proud to have our very first shop open in Historic Downtown Plant City.  Surrounded by a wonderful community full of wonderful people.

At Rowan & Plum we:


    •    Always love and support each other

    •    Strive to show kindness

    •    Respect everyone's perspective

    •    We value empathy and understanding 

    •    Show love, honesty, and trust

    •    Celebrate our roots

    •    We show strength through our thoughtful words

    •    Are Constantly growing and learning

    •    We won't succeed without trying our best

    •    Believe in learning and growing everyday

    •    Believe love  is the main ingredient

Thank you for visiting our shop!


Lara Weisshaupt


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